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The YMCA of Greater New York The YMCA is a foundation dedicated to keeping communities healthier and more active, so we were definitely excited when they called us to perform at their 32nd Annual Gala Dinner in Chinatown. "You have made a huge difference by giving us your support and encouragement to do more for our community by providing a memorable entertainment for our guests!"


The United States Dept. of the Army The soldiers of the 1179th Transportation Brigade were having a holiday deployment celebration, and we were honored when the United States Army contacted us to provide entertainment. "1179th would like to extend a big THANK YOU and appreciation for your generosity, professionalism and outstanding performance!"


United Way of America United Way is a non-profit organization that works with charities that focuses on issues like education, income and health. We were more than happy to provide entertainment for their Family Fun Day at the park.. "We received so many wonderful comments regarding your magic show and unique face painting .. thank you for making our annual Family Fun Day a success!"


St. Jude Catholic School St. Jude prides itself on being one of the top Catholic elementary schools in Manhattan. We were impressed with their dedication to education, and gladly provided entertainment for during Catholic School Week. "What a show! .. extremely professional, child friendly and much different from other magicians who previously performed at our school. .. St. Jude's students and staff salutes you!"


CHEMED Lakewood The Center for Health Education, Medicine and Dentistry focuses on providing medical needs to lower income families. We were excited to perform an educational show for the children at their health center. "We watched the children enjoy every moment of the show .. it was truly educational in a really fun way, through your magic show!"




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